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TakLite Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean

As the art of interior design becomes more advanced, homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to gauge the true cleanliness of their homes. The materials used today are intentionally designed to mask debris and to keep your home looking sharp. While this may visually be appealing, it can actually hide a mess which would normally prompt you to bust out the vacuum.

Vinyl plank flooring (also known as fake hardwood) is particularly guilty of this. This plastic material has been made popular for its stain-resistant properties and can be found in new constructions all across the country. 

The picture below contains what appears to be perfectly clean vinyl planks. 

As you can see, the low-contrast browns used in this flooring make it difficult to distinguish the hairs and dust. However, using one of our flashlights, we can illuminate the ground from an angle which disrupts the contrast and casts shadows. 

This revolutionary method, which we have dubbed the "light on the floor" method, can be performed by placing your flashlight on the floor and pointing it in the desired direction. While this can technically be done with any standard flashlight, it helps to use a flashlight emitting neutral colors which more closely resembles natural sunlight (such as our TA-50 flashlight)  

In fact, this trick works on a number of surfaces and is a great way to see the true condition of your environment. Just check out this drywall in our office!


Try it and let us know what you find!

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