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AVP 8x40 Carbon Monocular

$ 24.95

The AVP Carbon Monocular is the best way to level up your outdoor adventures. We built this ourselves and spared no expense when designing the optical lens. It's lightweight, durable, and features a unique design which you wont find in most competing products.

For example, the AVP's optic is manufactured using pure glass which is critical for maximizing light transmission and clarity. Most of our competitors do not create their lenses from glass. They instead form the lens with a plastic resin which helps them reduce manufacturing costs but also reduces the performance of the monocular.

The AVP also features the largest eyepiece diameter in its class. Measuring in at 26.5mm, the AVP's massive eyepiece offers an incredible field-of-view that you wont find in competing 8x40 monoculars.

What Is Included With Your Order?

  • AVP Carbon Monocular
  • Protective Suede Pouch
  • Deluxe Lanyard
  • 2 Protective Lens Caps
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


This monocular's internal frame is constructed from the same tempered aluminum found in our flashlights. This lightweight metal is not only incredibly strong but also incredibly resistant to virtually all forms of corrosion. 

  • 15.8cm (L) * 7.6cm (W) * 5.6cm (H)
  • Primary lens measures 40mm and eyepiece measures 26.5mm

The underside also features a threaded port which means it can be mounted to a tripod (a miniature tripod is included for free with your purchase but it can also work any regular photography or spotting tripod)

It is also fully water-proof and fog-proof.

The History Of The 8x40 Configuration

Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not better when it comes to designing an optic. This is because higher levels of magnification can not be achieved without sacrificing several other important viewing characteristics. An optic's field-of-view decreases linearly as the magnification increases. When using the monocular for near-range applications, this can present a massive problem. 

Another consideration is a measurement known as exit pupil size. It may sound counterintuitive, but smaller monoculars actually have larger exit pupil sizes which means they quite literally transmit more light to your pupils. This is critical when using your monocular in low light conditions. There is no point to greater magnification when the optic can not capture the necessary brightness to illuminate the image.

Last but not least, more powerful lenses are often heavier, thicker, and suffer from reduced light transmission when compared with their smaller counterparts. At the end of the day, we certainly acknowledge the existence of scenarios where more magnification can be useful. However, our primary thesis is that the vast majority of applications are best fulfilled with the AVP's 8x40 optical configuration.


All of our monoculars are sold with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing it to be free from manufacturer defects. Ships direct from our warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts.