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Carbon Scope (Buy 1 Get 6)

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The TakLite Carbon Scope

Get your Christmas shopping done early this year with our once-in-a-lifetime LIQUIDATION SALE! These scopes used to retail for $40 each but are now significantly discounted. There is no catch. $50 will get you 6 brand new scopes shipped via USPS Priority in their original retail boxes with all the accessories.

The TakLite Carbon Scope is our revolutionary pocket scope with phone-pairing hardware which allows for digital functionality like zoom and night vision (via the native camera app and the recommended night vision app). It weighs less than a pound, measures less than 8 inches, and easily fits in a pocket, backpack, or duty-belt. 

It features our proprietary 8X optical lens which is manufactured from a uniquely transparent glass. Believe it or not, many of our competitors do not make their optics from glass. They use a plastic resin which can produce a lower image quality.

It's the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

What Is Included With Your Order?

  • TakLite Carbon Scope

  • Aluminum Spider Tripod 

  • Multi-Purpose Phone Mount

  • Protective Pouch

  • Deluxe Lanyard

  • 2 Protective Lens Caps

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • Night Vision Application

How Is The TakLite Carbon Scope Different From The Competition?

This scope's internal frame is constructed from the same tempered aluminum found in our flashlights. This lightweight aerospace-grade metal is not only incredibly strong but also incredibly resistant to virtually all forms of corrosion. It also has one of the largest eyepieces on the market (measuring in at 26.5mm). This means you get a massive field-of-view and excellent light transmission for your low light shots.

Our specially designed phone mount makes it extremely easy to pair your scope with modern smartphones. This allows you to use your native camera application to record video, take pictures, and even digitally zoom. This also allows you to use third-party applications such as night vision (which we include for free)


Our team reverse-engineered some of the most expensive optics on the market and designed an incredibly competitive monocular to put them out of business.  Don't take our word for it -- check the results for yourself below. This monocular retails for $180 whereas ours retails for $40. Can you see a difference? We can't!

The underside also features a threaded port which means it can be mounted to a tripod (a miniature tripod is included for free with your purchase but it can also work any regular photography or spotting tripod)

  • 15.8cm (L) * 7.6cm (W) * 5.6cm (H)
  • Weighs approximately 450 grams (under a pound)
  • Primary lens measures 42mm and eyepiece measures 26.5mm (the biggest in its category!)

Extra Benefits:

  • USA Company - We are an American company headquartered just outside of Boston. We do not use third party fulfillment companies or outsourced labor. We design, storage, and fulfill all of our products right here in the United States using domestic workers.

  • Fast Shipping - Because we ship from the United States, we are able to dispatch all orders within 24 hours and deliver to your location within just a few days. We ship using DHL which requires approximately 3-4 days for delivery in the United States and 7-11 days for everywhere else. All packages include tracking and insurance which means we will either re-ship or refund your order in case the package is lost or damaged at no cost to you. 

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We offer one of the best return policies in the game. You have up to 60 days to return the product for any reason and we will refund you in full - no questions asked. There are no restocking fees, return fees, or even return shipping fees. We cover the shipping both ways! Because our offices are in the United States, returns only take a matter of days -- not weeks!

  • Accessories Included Free - Your purchase includes every accessory you need to make full use of your scope. We include an ultra-durable suede carrying pouch, aluminum tripod, phone mounting clip, two protective lens caps, a microfiber cleaning cloth, lanyard, and a lifetime warranty which protects your purchase for life.