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Introducing TakLite's Second Generation Flashlights

We are proud to introduce three new additions to the TakLite product lineup: the Eliminator, Elite, and Micro. These three flashlights are all part of our second generation product line which include much sought after features like waterproof frames, drop resistance, and programmable memory. For a quick overview of the new products, please read the guide below:

TakLite Micro - The Micro is a very small flashlight. It measures in at exactly 7.62cm (3 inches) and is comparable to the Olight S10R Baton. However, unlike the Baton, the Micro has a 50% greater lumen output (620 lumens) and is completely waterproof. The Micro operates using either a rechargeable RCR123A battery or a standard RC123A battery which is available for purchase at any convenience store. The Micro's small size makes it a great addition to any EDC or household. Click here to view more information about the new TakLite Micro.

TakLite Elite - The Elite is a mid-sized flashlight with an 800 true lumen output. Furthermore, the Elite's beam pattern has been redesigned to maximize intensity. Like the Micro, the Elite is also completely waterproof and drop resistant (up to 2 meters). The Elite can operate using either a rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion battery or two RC123A batteries. The Elite's modest size makes it a great tool for on-the-job applications. Thanks to the Elite's power efficiency, the Elite can be comfortably used by all blue collar workers (electrician, construction worker, plumber, contractor, etc...) without fear of needing a recharge. Click Here to view more information about the new TakLite Elite.

TakLite Eliminator - The Eliminator is the grand daddy of our lineup. It is the biggest (measuring in at just under 7 inches) and also the brightest with a true lumen output of 980+. We have also ramped up the beam intensity on the Eliminator to an impressive 144,000+ candlepower. The Eliminator is the only flashlight we sell with a holster -- making it the perfect companion for law enforcement, military, security officers, or anyone looking to secure their flashlight. Furthermore, the Eliminator's 1 inch diameter makes it compatible with any standardized rail mount. 

We are genuinely excited about the release of these new flashlights and strongly encourage our customers to provide feedback. We are passionate about the value our flashlights provide and are constantly striving to improve. 

For more information on any of these products, please click the link below to view all three

Click Here To View All New Products

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