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The TA-200 Flashlight Is Shaking Up The Industry

The TA-200 Flashlight Is Shaking Up The Industry

If you're anything like me, you probably scoff anytime you see the word 'tactical' being used to describe a product. Let's face it, the marketing industry has driven this word to the brink of extinction and things like tactical glasses are proof of how absurd things have gotten.

The issue with this phenomenon is it muddies the waters for real tactical products. Consumers are often left wondering what the word 'tactical' even means. Is it tactical because it's black? Is it tactical because an ex-NAVY Seal is promoting it?

While we can not answer what makes a pair of sunglasses tactical, we can offer some insight into why our new TA-200 flashlight is one of our most tactical products yet. 

The tactical world employs several different techniques when it comes to using a flashlight in conjunction with a handgun. You have the FBI technique, Harries technique, and several others. The one thing these techniques all have in common is the usage of a momentary flashlight. In this context, the term momentary refers to the ability of the flashlight to activate only with constant pressure. The millisecond you stop applying pressure, the flashlight turns off.

This is important because it allows the operator to change positions without allowing the enemy to see their path. Conventional flashlights operate in only a on or off capacity which is typically activated with a one-time press of a button. It may sound silly but the momentary functionality actually makes a lot of sense once you have tried it. In mission critical situations, you don't want to leave anything up to chance and having to fiddle around with an on/off switch is a recipe for disaster.

In fact, this concept isn't anything new in the world of weapon mounted flashlights. Most weapon mounted flashlights are sold with pressure switches or pressure pads which allow for momentary usage. However, we aren't talking about weapon mounted flashlights. We are talking about handheld flashlights which is why we believe the TA-200 is truly unique. It's one of the few flashlights on the market that have this sort of functionality.

Astute readers and TakLite enthusiasts are probably asking themselves, "Wait, I thought the TA-50 and the TA-100 had momentary switches?". It's true, these two models do have momentary functionality but the mechanisms are different. The TA-50 and TA-100 run on different circuitry which allows for a splitting of the active mode. In other words, you can choose if you want the flashlight to operate in a traditional on/off capacity or in a momentary capacity. 

Sounds pretty cool, right? While it does work quite well, I would make the argument that it's not as effective as the system used in the TA-200. For starters, TakLite has stated that the springs used in the TA-200's tailswitch were specifically designed to be more tactile and to offer greater resistance than what you would find in the TA-50 or TA-100. Furthermore, the TA-200 is overall less complex due to the addition of a side-switch which allows the functions of the flashlights to be split between more than just a single button. 

Last but not least, the TA-200 is TakLite's first flashlight to ship with battery bank functionality which means the flashlight can actually charge external devices via Micro USB. While this certainly isn't the first flashlight to feature this type of functionality, it's certainly refreshing to see a more notable brand starting to employ this technology. Don't forget, it took Streamlight and SureFire years before they felt comfortable using lithium-ion batteries regularly. Meanwhile hundreds of Chinese manufacturers had already been using them for well over a decade.

Despite technically being part of the TA product family, it is our opinion that the TA-200 should be in a class of its own. The build quality, design, and practicality are simply in a different league and it's refreshing to see some new life breathed back into the otherwise stagnant flashlight market. If you have an opportunity to pick up the TA-200 for under $70, we would highly recommend giving it a shot.

This Is One EDC Item You Can't Miss

This Is One EDC Item You Can't Miss

Earlier this year, we released a product so popular that it sold out within 24 hours. We were shocked. It was just a monocular -- how could it be in such high demand? Well, we polled our customers and quickly discovered that most people simply didn't know that such a product existed. They had no idea what they were missing out on. Just check out this quick little demonstration we did.

Believe it or not,
 that test was conducted from more than 500 yards. It's compact, durable, and powerful. Furthermore, the optical chamber is pressurized with nitrogen gas which makes it completely invulnerable to moisture and moisture related issues (waterproofing, fogproofing, etc...)

But that's not all...
 this optic comes with a unique mount which allows you to pair it with any smartphone and unlock a suite of cool applications. For example, you can use it to gain night vision functionality. How freaking cool is that?

We'll save you the sales pitch. 
If you are interested, be sure to click the button below and check out the product page for more details. It truly is an ultimate addition to any duty belt, survival kit, hiking bag, or bugout kit.

Introducing The AVP Pocket Scope

Introducing The AVP Pocket Scope

A few years ago, we were exploring the idea of bringing an optic to market and were astonished by the prices in the marketplace. One segment in particular, the handheld monocular segment, was particularly egregious. With prices ranging from $180 to $400, we were quite confident that we could bring something comparable to market that offered a significantly better value. This video below compares the image quality of a $180 competitor product with our optic which retails for $45.

Originally called the Z-Pro tactical scope, we started developing a prototype of a monocular which we hoped to be the ultimate compromise between functionality and performance. It was destined to be lightweight, durable, and to offer the same exact performance as many competing optics. We also wanted it to be an EDC item for everyone. Whether you're a police, a hiker, a photographer, or just a bird watcher - the Z-Pro had a spot in your pocket.

We quickly ran into problems during development. For example, how were we going to prevent fog? How were we going to prevent moisture from accumulating behind the lens? Most people would suggest rubber seals but this proved to not be as effective as we had thought. Instead, we had to pressurize the optic from the inside out using nitrogen gas. This outward pressure, combined with the rubber seals, proved to be the only way to keep moisture out. 

While the product was in development, we noticed a new product on the market: a miniature phone lens. These dinky little lenses were essentially miniature telescopes which could be clipped on to the front of a smartphone to provide telescopic functionality. The product itself suffered from build quality issues but the foundation of the idea was brilliant. This unlocks a whole new world of digital applications which you can use in conjunction with your scope.

This prompted us to try something similar with the AVP Pocket Scope. Despite it being a bit cumbersome, our tests showed that the combination was indeed quite effective. The massive lens of the AVP allowed us to capture far more light than what would normally be possible with the smartphone. It also allowed us to layer the smartphone's digital zooming capabilities with the optical zooming capabilities of our AVP Scope. What initially seemed like a novelty or a gimmick turned out to be a highly effective tool that could be added to anyone's every day carry (EDC)

After many iterations, we finally have a version which strikes the perfect balance between price and performance. The internal frame is constructed from the same aeronautical metals found in our flashlights. The optic is constructed entirely from glass - not plastic resin like in many competing optics. Lastly, the exterior is coated in a hard shelled marine vinyl which repels water (similar to those miracle fabrics) and retains grip even in wet conditions.

We truly believe the AVP Pocket Scope is one of the most competitive optics on the market. The performance, build quality, and utility is something you can not find in competing optics at this price. 

Notice Regarding Counterfeit Products

Notice Regarding Counterfeit Products

Dear TakLite Customers,

It has been brought to our attention that the website Touch Of Modern ( recently ran a promotion for what we have identified to be counterfeit TakLite TA-50 LED Flashlights.

If you have ordered and received these counterfeit TakLite TA-50 Flashlights, please understand that we will not be able to offer you any technical or after sales support as this is not our...

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