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What Is The Best SureFire Flashlight?

What Is The Best SureFire Flashlight?

SureFire is an American flashlight company and is perhaps one of the most well known flashlight brands in the entire country. While the company's footprint in the consumer world is comparably small, the brand has been a favorite among law enforcement and military professionals for decades. 

SureFire has produced a number of models over the years but their most famous products include flashlights like the G2X, GPX, P3X Fury, V1-B Vampire, and the UDR Dominator.

One interesting fact about SureFire is that many of their flashlights have historically been predicated on the non-rechargeable CR123 battery format. While this is still mostly true today, the company has slowly released a variety of flashlights which either feature integrated rechargeable batteries or are "Dual Fuel" compatible (works with either lithium-ion or CR123 lithium-metal)

With such a wide variety of flashlights to pick from, this naturally raises the question: what is the best SureFire flashlight?

Short answer: the Fury Dual Fuel Tactical is our favorite general purpose SureFire flashlight.

Long answer: We have conducted tests with a variety of SureFire products over the years and have exposed ourselves to a number of different flashlight formats. Time and time again, we find ourselves arriving at the same conclusion: simple flashlights are always the best flashlights.

For this reason, we grew to really love the P3X Fury. This flashlight has since been discontinued but the foundational 'Fury' platform still remains. We have found the Fury Dual Fuel Tactical, for the most part, retains most of the spirit and the charm of the P3X Fury. As the name suggests, it also works with lithium-ion batteries which is absolutely essential.

It's also just a brutally simple product. There is just a single mode: turbo. All 1500 lumens of power are delivered with the click of a tailcap and it delivers that power using a refined and modern spotlight-like beam profile.

Now, it should be noted, this flashlight costs around $250 retail. We can offer you even more power at 1/5th of that price with our LUNA flashlight. But if you are a diehard SureFire enthusiast who can not be persuaded, then the Fury DF Tactical is likely the best match for you.


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