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TAKLITE® is a manufacturer, retailer, and distributor of sporting goods and hobbyist merchandise. While the name is historically known for being a flashlight brand, the company operates within a variety of different consumer goods industries.

Having been founded in 2014, TAKLITE distinguishes itself from the competition through a continued focus on the recreational and civilian outdoor market. TAKLITE has a large presence in a number of industries including law enforcement, construction, camping, and hiking.

The company is located 2 miles south of Gillette Stadium in the quaint New England town of Norfolk, Massachusetts.


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Intellectual Property

TAKLITE LLC is the owner of the registered trademark TAKLITE (Serial 86580797)

TAKLITE LLC is the owner of the pending trademark PILOT PRO (Serial 98355007)

Who Are Your Customers?

TAKLITE® conducts business with numerous local and state organizations throughout the United States. Some of our most recent customers include:

  • Suffolk County Sheriff's Department (Boston, MA)
  • Vidalia Fire Department (Vidalia, LA)
  • Simpson County Sheriff's Department (Magee, MS)
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (Oakland, CA)
  • Stanly County Fire Department (Albemarle, NC)
  • Kansas City Police Department (Kansas City, MO)

TAKLITE® gladly accepts purchase orders and encourages purchasing agents to get in touch with their local sales representative for information on purchasing.

Our Terms of Sale can be accessed by clicking here.

Our Privacy Policy can be accessed by clicking here.

*TakLite LLC is an approved vendor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts