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The Downfall Of The Lantern

The Downfall Of The Lantern

Lanterns have been around for thousands of years and have repeatedly proven themselves to be one of the most reliable sources of portable light. Originally predicated on a simple fuel and wick design, lanterns today have essentially been driven to the brink of extinction.

The unfortunate reality is that traditional lanterns do not have much of a place in today's society. Even if you look at those who spend a significant amount of time outdoors, flashlights often prove themselves to be much more capable. 


In fact, it's worth remembering that some flashlights are even capable of converting themselves into a lantern. The TakLite Ranger, for example, uses a silicone tube to disperse light in a circular 360 degree fashion — just like a lantern.

Engage the moonlight mode, a power setting comparable to what a traditional lantern would provide, and you quite literally have a source of light for the next 24 hours.

Some would argue that lanterns no longer serve any meaningful purpose at all. Here at TakLite, we beg to differ. Lanterns are still remarkably practical sources of light in a variety of settings: backyard gatherings, tents, motorhomes, and even boats.

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