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AVP Scope Range Buddy

When we first released the AVP Scope, we weren't sure how our customers were going to use it. We anticipated all the usual things: hunting, photography, bird-watching, and so on. A few months after we had brought the product to market, we surveyed our customers to find out what they were doing with their scopes. 

We were stunned by the results.

As it turns out, the AVP Scope developed a huge following among shooters who were looking to enhance their experience at shooting ranges. The most cited application was sighting in a rifle optic. Because these sights often require a sighting distance of 100 meters, having to wait 20 minutes for the range to go cold to check your shots is simply not feasible. 

With the AVP Scope, customers were able to clearly see the paper target from a distance of 100 meters which allowed them to adjust their sights with ease. The AVP Scope is a much cheaper alternative to a spotting scope and makes it easy to record all of your shots in real time via your phone. It truly is an amazing tool being used in ways we couldn't even imagine.

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