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What Is A Tactical Flashlight And Why Would I Need One?

When it comes to tactical equipment, durability and performance are two words that come to mind. This is not a trend we typically see in the consumer goods market. For this reason, a number of tactically-minded companies have popped up with the goal of bridging the gap between military-spec goods and the general public. 

The motto "buy it once, buy it for life" is commonplace in this industry which is why any tactical flashlight worth its salt will offer a lifetime warranty. It should be noted that these flashlights are not the standard Walmart light your father kept in the toolbox. These lights are powered by energy dense lithium-ion cells (the exact same cells you'll find in a Tesla) with supercharged high-output LED technology. 

Simply put, tactical flashlights are cool. They are powerful; reliable; and feel great to use. They are completely overbuilt for their intended applications and generally last a lifetime. 

Can your flashlight do this?

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