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Pilot Analog Monocular

$ 19.95

The Pilot Handheld Monocular is the ultimate optical device for your everyday needs. Also known as a pocket telescope or spyglass, this product is well suited for hiking, sight-seeing, stargazing, bird watching, and general recreation.

Believe it or not, the Pilot™ has been used in a variety of professional applications as well including meter reading, law enforcement, and hospital work. Most recently, handheld monoculars were used by hospital staff during the pandemic to view patient vitals from a distance.

The key difference between the Pilot and similar products is that the Pilot™ uses a glass optic. Many competing products opt to instead use a cheaper acrylic resin which is a common cost-cutting measure. Acrylic, in our experience, provides a lower quality image and has no place in an optical device of any kind.

Our monocular also features the largest eyepiece diameter in its class. Measuring in at 26.5mm, this massive eyepiece offers a field-of-view that makes it easy to use with most phone cameras.

What Is Included With Your Order?

  • AVP 10x40 Carbon Monocular
  • Protective Pouch
  • Deluxe Lanyard
  • Protective Lens Caps
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Aluminum Mini-Tripod
  • Phone Mounting Clip*

Technical Specifications

This monocular uses a two-stage construction: aluminum frame on the inside and a hardened marine shell on the outside. The aluminum frame is not only incredibly strong but also offers resistance against virtually all forms of corrosion. 

  • Dimensions are 15.8cm (L) * 7.6cm (W) * 5.6cm (H)
  • Primary lens magnification is 10X
  • Primary lens measures 40mm and eyepiece measures 26.5mm
  • Fully Multicoated Lens (FMC)

The underside also features a threaded port which means it can be mounted to a tripod.

Nitrogen Pressurization

This internal chamber of this monocular is counter-pressurized to 1 atmosphere with the inert gas nitrogen. This means that moisture, dust, and other debris can not easily bypass the rubber seal and create the undesired effect of fog or moisture accumulation.



All of our monoculars are sold with a one year warranty guaranteeing it to be free from manufacturer defects. 

*This product includes a small plastic clip which can be used to pair the device with a mobile phone. Due to the rapid development of phone and multi-camera designs, we can not guarantee that this clip will work with your phone. In our testing, it works with the vast majority of phones, provided you can manually select the lens in your phone's settings.