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Affiliate Guide


Welcome to our affiliate resource page. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to work together. We know how many companies there are to choose from these days — so we truly appreciate any time or effort you commit to us.

Throughout the last year, we have worked with a number of affiliates and it has truly been fascinating to see the life-changing success some creators are able to achieve from just a single video. 

We want to help you to do the same by showing you some examples of previously successful videos.

Before getting started, please be sure to review this digital user manual for the product. It will explain most of the features and exactly how they work.

Please keep in mind that the following content should not be interpreted as anything more than just general guidance. You can do whatever you want with this information. You can follow it, ignore it, or just pick and choose the random nuggets of information you find valuable. 

First Example

The first creator we are going to look at is a very authentic, genuine, and down to earth individual. In general, his videos are slower paced and do not use any sort of dramatic cuts or effects.

This form of storytelling is considered by most to be very wholesome and authentic. While we personally have not had much success producing videos using this same style, it has worked extremely well for this particular creator because he has actually been the most successful affiliate we have ever worked with.

The following is another video (made as a response) which was filmed using the exact same style.

As you can see, it more or less follows the same theme of being a longer format video which tracks at a fairly slow pace.

Second Example

The second creator we are going to look at is very different from the first one. His videos are often clipped together in a dramatic way and then overlaid with some sort of audio and/or music. This style of video is much more sensationalized and more closely resembles a direct response advertisement.

One interesting thing to note is that this creator made almost twenty variations of this same video before achieving success. What makes his particular story bizarre is that the successful video was not substantially different from the ones that came before it. It just randomly seemed to go viral.

Third Example

The third creator we are going to look at is ourselves. The two videos below have both proven to be very successful. While we aren't quite sure how we would describe our own style, it's probably somewhere between the two creators shown above.

We like to use our own voices and we like to show our faces. With that being said, we do try to keep the videos fairly short and often use some sensationalized "trick" or "hook" to keep the video entertaining or interesting. 


To be clear, we are not saying that your videos should look like the videos above. We are just hoping it can serve as a means of inspiration or motivation. Media trends are always shifting. Videos that may have worked in the past may not work in the future. Ultimately, you are the creator and you are encouraged to pursue your own creative outlets.