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Introducing Our Brightest Flashlight

Meet the all new redesigned TakLite Poseidon -- our flagship product. With more than 1000 lumens of raw power, the TL-Poseidon outshines its competitors for miles. The military grade aircraft aluminum and gasket sealed enclosure makes the TL-Poseidon resistant to water, shock, dirt, and debris. Don't sit in the dark this winter - pick up your TakLite today.

Whats Included In This Deluxe Offer?


Test drive the TakLite TL-Poseidon today and experience the jaw-dropping brightness for yourself. Our 60 day hassle-free return policy allows you to trial the product absolutely risk free. We will even cover the cost of return shipping. Come see why TakLite's TL-Poseidon is being called America's favorite flashlight. 

Did you know?

Most flashlight manufacturers skimp on product design and quality by using cheap imitation components. TakLite only uses high quality components to deliver a cleaner, brighter, and more powerful light. Traditional flashlights only manage to yield a pale yellow which does little to light up a room.

TakLite products are proven to shine a clean, vivid, and detailed "Cool White" light that will leave friends and family amazed. Don't take our word for it. Take advantage of our sixty day return policy to try it. Send it back any time -- we'll even pay the cost of return shipping!

Shopping with TakLite is a 100% risk free experience.

What Makes The TL-Poseidon Great

  • RECHARGEABLE - Start enjoying the benefits of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries and stop wasting money on bulky and inefficient alkaline batteries. 

  • ADVANCED LED TECHNOLOGY - Most flashlight manufacturers are stuck in the dark ages with outdated incandescent bulb technology. TakLite uses only the latest in LED technology to provide the brightest light possible.

  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM - Built from the same material used in aircraft jets, you can be confident the TL-Poseidon's sturdy construction will hold up against the elements. 

  • OPTIC ZOOM - Each TL-Poseidon comes with an integrated attachment that enables you to focus the beam. Zoom in on a target or light up an entire field!

  • BELT CLIP & WRIST STRAP - The complimentary belt clip and wrist strap make the TL-Poseidon one of our most popular products.


  • TakLite™ TL-Poseidon Flashlight

  • 2x Rechargeable High Performance Lithium-Ion Battery FREE

  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger with "Smart Charge" technology FREE


How does it work?

Unlike traditional flashlights, TakLite products do not use unreliable incandescent bulbs. These filament bulbs tend to perform poorly, burn out quick, and offer very little light! TakLite uses revolutionary LED technology to deliver superb performance, durability, and lifespan. To put it in perspective, an average incandescent bulb has a lifespan of 1,200 hours. The LEDs used in TakLite products have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. You will never need to replace a bulb again!

The Manufacturing Process

TakLite products are manufactured using a five tier quality control process which guarantees the performance and condition of every flashlight. Each diode is carefully calibrated to deliver the most lumens while retaining power efficiency. Backed by years of research and development, you can be confident that your TakLite will last you a lifetime. 

Creation of the TakLite TL-Poseidon

All orders are backed by a 365 day manufacturer warranty and 60 day return policy. If at any point you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we'll arrange for a full refund immediately. We will even cover the cost of return shipping. You have nothing to lose by trying TakLite today.

All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with FULL TRACKING