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TakLite Ranger FAQ

This page serves as the product information document for the TakLite Ranger LED Flashlight.


This product contains rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do have the potential to be dangerous when abused and can cause a fire when misused. It's extremely important to take special care when handling any lithium-ion battery. Do not drop, damage, expose to water, or otherwise mishandle the lithium-ion battery contained in this device. This is not a waterproof device.


The TakLite Ranger is a multi-purpose flashlight which provides a peak output of 1600 lumens via a Luminus SST40 diode. It also contains a red and a green CREE XPE2 diode. The red diode produces 150 lumens. The green diode produces 200 lumens.

The TakLite Ranger is a uniquely simple flashlight. It features five brightness settings and a strobe. The colored diodes only have a singular static mode. To access the red and green diodes, simply press the side switch from the off position. Please note that the red and the green lights are paired in a cycle. If one waits too long between button presses, the flashlight will turn off instead of cycling forward.

Marshalling Wand

The TakLite Ranger comes with a molded silicone tube that allows the flashlight to be used as a marshalling wand. Simply slip the cone over the front of the flashlight and use as you normally would.

In general, the marshalling wand is most effective either on a green, red, or low white setting.