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AVP Carbon Monocular

$ 18.95

The AVP Carbon Monocular is our flagship optic. It's lightweight, durable, and powerful. We launched this product as a direct response to the slew of overpriced monoculars being sold in big box retailers across the United States. There is absolutely no reason a monocular needs to be $180 — and we understood this from the very beginning.

The AVP, short for Aviator Pro, is a powerful and value-driven monocular designed for those who need a good monocular at the best possible price. This statement is not to be interpreted as "cheap" or "low quality". We spent an entire year optimizing the components that matter the most — the glass. We have tested it against the most expensive competitors on the market and the results are remarkable. 

What Is Included With Your Order?

  • AVP Carbon Monocular
  • Miniature Tripod 
  • Cell Phone Mount
  • Protective Suede Pouch
  • Deluxe Lanyard
  • 2 Protective Lens Caps
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


This monocular's internal frame is constructed from the same tempered aluminum found in our flashlights. This lightweight metal is not only incredibly strong but also incredibly resistant to virtually all forms of corrosion. It also has one of the largest eyepieces on the market (measuring in at 26.5mm). This means you get a massive field-of-view and excellent light transmission for low-light visibility.

  • 15.8cm (L) * 7.6cm (W) * 5.6cm (H)
  • Primary lens measures 42mm and eyepiece measures 26.5mm (the biggest in its category!)
  • Fixed magnification of 8X (also characterized by some retailers as 800%)

The underside also features a threaded port which means it can be mounted to a tripod (a miniature tripod is included for free with your purchase but it can also work any regular photography or spotting tripod)

  • Waterproof & Fogproof – The optic used in this device is completely fog-proof, water-proof, and will perform even in humid or wet environments. The carbon wrapped exterior repels water and ensures a strong grip in all conditions.
  • Accessories Included Free – Your purchase includes every accessory you need to make full use of your new TakLite Carbon Monocular. We include an ultra-durable carrying pouch, aluminum tripod, phone mounting clip, two protective lens caps, a microfiber cleaning cloth, lanyard, and a lifetime warranty which protects your purchase for life.