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SKALD 360 Lumen EDC Pocket Light

Original price $ 12.95 - Original price $ 12.95
Original price
$ 12.95
$ 12.95 - $ 12.95
Current price $ 12.95

The SKALD 360 is a multi-purpose EDC flashlight which offers 360 lumens of power in a fairly compact form factor. The design has a number of novel features including our new frog eye lens design, soft red hiking light, a side-ways diffusing work light, alternating red and blue diodes, and a magnetic rear.

The SKALD is designed to be the ultimate companion for any adventure. It can be clipped to a backpack, connected to a keychain, or even attached to an automobile via the magnetic rear. 

It can go anywhere and do anything all while offering superior performance at a great price. The product includes an integrated lithium battery, charging cable, keyring, and belt clip.