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Infrared Monocular FAQ

This page serves as the product information document for the Pilot Pro Infrared Monocular.


This product contains rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do have the potential to be dangerous when abused and can cause a fire when misused. It's extremely important to take special care when handling any lithium-ion battery. Do not drop, damage, expose to water, or otherwise mishandle the lithium-ion battery contained in this device. This is not a waterproof device.


The Pilot Pro is a handheld device which provides night vision functionality via infrared illumination. This is the same technology used in certain surveillance cameras. The intended purpose of this device, along with the technical specifications, exclude it from any definitions outlined in ITAR.

This is not an ITAR device.


This product features three modes: photo, video, and playback. The modes can be cycled by holding the mode button. As the name suggests, photo mode can be used to take pictures. Video mode can be used to record video. Playback mode can be used to view the media files on the internal memory card.

This product features two primary functions: illuminator brightness and digital zoom. Illuminator brightness intensity ranges from 0 (off) to 7 (maximum). To change the illuminator brightness, simply tap the positive (+) button on and adjust as needed. To engage the digital zoom, simply hold the button down (versus just tapping it)


The optical lens provides a fixed-magnification of 3X. This can not be changed. This product also comes with digital zoom. When in photo or video mode, simply press the up or down arrow keys to adjust the digital zoom between 1X and 5X.  


Use the included Type C USB cable to charge the device. Removal of the battery is not necessary. Using a PC, simply connect the device via the USB Type C cable and transfer the media files as desired.